Nucler Ice Age
  Alexandria, Virginia

Local Palooza
Empire November 22nd, 2014

Nuclear Ice Age

The world is not against you, it really isn't. It's not the world that's against you, it's you that's against the world. By rebelling against the world, you are in fact rebelling against yourself.

"Make peace with yourself and the whole world will make peace with you." - Ralph Waldo Emerson


Nuclear Ice Age is an alternative Rock and Roll band from Alexandria, Virginia.  We are available for live music events and charity functions. We have a classic alternative rock sound and have wriiten several original songs in this range. We are working on our first LP, Beyond All Reach, due to be released in October of 2014. 

The band is:

Eric: Lead Vocals
Tad: Guitars
Steve: Bass Guitar
Mark: Drums

We play the Empire in Springfield on Saturday, November 22nd, 2014. Join us as we play with No Blitz, Youth Hostel, Short Stories, Flipside, and Purple Isn't Six. Doors open at 5pm.

We will be going into the studio and recording our first LP in October! Look for it on bandwagon in November! We have posted some raw material in the videos section of our reverbNation page.

We are looking forward to playing around the DC area during the Spring and Summer. Check out our ReverbNation and Facebook pages for videos, music, and upcoming events. Our complete Summer schedule is now posted on ReverbNation.

Notable Past Events:
July 2013Alexandria Youth Arts Festival
June 14, 2014 Youth Arts Festival
Alexandria Youth Arts Festival
June 30, 2014Jammin Java
Jammin Java
July 6, 2014Battle of the Bands
August 3rd, 2014Off Orbit
The Tree House Lounge
August 9th, 2014 Empire
August 23rd, 2014The Shack
The Shack, Harper's Ferry, West Virginia
August 29th, 2014 The Tree House Lounge
September 6th, 2014LocalPalooza
LocalPalooza Empire
October 4th, 2014Art on the Avenue
October 15th, 2014Nearly Deads
The Tree House Lounge
October 23rd, 2014The Tree House Lounge

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